About us

High quality E-Juice made in Stockholm Sweden.

Liquidvoyage was established in Stockholm Sweden 2013 by Marco Rodriguez and was the first E-Liquid brand produced in Sweden. Back then higher quality liquids had to be imported from the US or UK but was lacking the flavour pallet that fit the Scandiavian market. Seeing that this hole in the market we set out to set a new standard of locally produced E-Liquids for a fair price!

After 9 months of flavour development we finally launched with the Liquidvoyage Originals and quickly became the most popular E-Liquid brand in Sweden. Since then we have been a leading producer in the Swedish vape market.

Our ambition is to be able to produce E-Juice of the highest quality with great flavours that even the pickiest vapers will love. All of our bases are USP certified and all our nicotine bases are made in Europe. Our flavor extracts come from reliable safe sources, are diacetyl free, and are specifically formulated for vaping.


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“Simply Great Juice”